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  Project Origin Trailer and Tear Down - Media
  Posted by: Death_Dream on 09-22-2007 @ 14:25 - Source: Death Dream
This News Item has been viewed 8,420 times
This is the first trailer to get released for the F.E.A.R. sequel called Project Origin. As most of you know by now, the name was decided from a recent contest Monolith held. From the looks of the trailer below the game still looks like F.E.A.R. with the office environments and the graphics which is not a bad thing at all. Personally I think the weapon variety is much better and look like they respond quite well.

Now I am going to tear down this video to its bones. All of my review here is just opinion and you decide to accept it or deny it. So do not go saying "But Death Dream said so....," I have no facts, all I have is this video and my previous knowledge of what happened in F.E.A.R. and Extraction Point.

The Tear Down, By Death Dream
At the very start of the trailer you see a guy getting worked on by two doctors, but these doctors are not normal at all. It seems they might be controlled by Alma. Alma then goes to say "Can you see it?" as she looks up at the camera while at the same time the doctor pulls his head up to look as well. The question is what and who is she talking to? Could it be the main character you play or someone from the past?

For the time being letís say that it is someone from the past and the guy on the bench is the main character you play. The only reason I say this is that both the arms of this guy on the bench and the arms holding the gun in the first person view look the same. Then half way into the trailer we see the guy kick over a bench and you see his knees, again these are the same knees as the guy on the bench. This is a real long shot since there are many white guys in the game but it is worth throwing the idea out there. Then this leaves open the question who is the guy watching over the surgery and Alma as this goes on? It shouldn't be Fettel because the younger version of Alma seemed to be against him in the Extraction Point expansion. This doesn't leave many options open and could be a new character watching over the whole situation. With that out of the way letís say the main character you play is now the guy watching the surgery, this really leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Why are they working on that guy? Who is he? What importance does he serve to Alma? There are just to many questions to try to answer with what little information we currently have. So for the rest of my review I will go from the view point that the guy on the bench is the main character.

Moving on we notice right off the bat there is a new HUD display. This kind of HUD is used in games that consist of robot mechanism type games. So maybe the doctors put some kind of implants inside this character, again this is purely what I think and tossing ideas out to the public to get the pot boiling.

Now onto the guns. There seem to be three types of assault rifle (G2A2 or SMG) type guys. All have different models but it is really hard to tell from the video shown how differently they react. The laser gun made a comeback from Extraction Point with a well needed improvement on the gun model. This time instead of cutting limbs off it sets the enemy on fire and they scream in pain. The shotgun, my personal favorite, looks very promising. It doesn't even look like a shotgun but the way it fires and sounds seems very familiar from F.E.A.R.

As for the enemies previewed in the video, we are pitted against soldiers again. These do not look anything like the clone soldiers from F.E.A.R.. When they scream from getting put on fire, they sound different. They don't have that same robotic feel to them anymore. I really have no idea at what to say about them so I will just move on to what we all noticed towards the end of the trailer, the fast moving, red eyed, bloody faced, patient. This enemy could replace the Assassins, the one enemy that would climb the walls and go invisible. He knocks over the main character and we get a real personal close up on this scary enemy. He looks like he's trying to eat the guy while he got knocked down but the character wonít allow that to happen so easily. Now letís step back for a second, is this a cut scene or real game play? If this is real game play and could happen it would bring a lot more to the table. However, it could turn out to be a button smashing scenario where you got to smash a certain key over and over again to try to push this enemy away from your body. I don't know about you guys reading this review but I don't like having to push a button over and over again to try to push something off me, let me just use my other hand to shoot it in his head and let me move on. There is another scene where this assassin like creature is running away and pulls a body over a counter. Part of the body then explodes and blood goes everywhere. He might have eaten the head of the soldier really fast and ran off. The reason I say the head got eaten is because of how he attacked the player and was going after his face so fiercely.

Alright, well if you read all the way down to this part of my review, we are almost done so hang in there. Right at the end we see the main character down on the ground as Alma walks towards him. She then proceeds to say "We all fall down". That's really all I can say about this scene besides the character has white shoe laces.

Please keep in mind that this is just me tearing apart the trailer and putting idea's out there. Please comment below on what you may think is going on.

Death Dream,
F.E.A.R. Files Site Admin

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